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About Us

The Inventor

  Rob Skerman

Rob is the Managing Director of StockEZEon Pty Ltd.  He has a consulting background in hospital systems, nurse staffing, patient workloads and aged care facilities.  The StockEZEon invention was driven by the need for a more effective method of applying and removing compression stockings.  Key goals included enabling independence from carers, reducing pain and skin damage, and improving the quality of life for people undergoing compression therapy.  Rob has tertiary qualifications in Science (Microbiology) and Business Administration.

The Product Story

In 2004, Rob watched a nurse in a retirement village putting compression stockings on a frail old lady with chronic venous leg ulcers. In the process her fragile skin was broken twice by the nurse’s fingernails. That frail old lady was Rob’s mother. This event triggered Rob's invention of StockEZEon.  

StockEZEon evolved through around 15 prototypes that were tested at community wound clinics.  Ideas were discussed, and successive improvements were made. Links were established with the Queensland University Wound Outreach Centre, where further testing and evolution of the design took place. Feedback was also obtained from global stocking manufacturing companies and from clinics and specialists in England, Germany, Switzerland and the USA.

Computer aided design provided access to more sophisticated design options, and the innovative rear hinge and adjustable sizing evolved. Extendable handles were added, with side clamps so patients would not have to reach their feet. 

StockEZEon is now a robust, innovative and extremely effective product which is being manufactured using injection moulding and is available globally.