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  • StockEZEon
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What sizes does StockEZEon come in?

StockEZEon is size adjustable to the patient's calf circumference (up to 44cm), and is designed for stocking sizes Medium to Large.  This will fit the majority of users.

It is MOST IMPORTANT that you use correctly prescribed stockings that are the correct size for your leg.  Smaller sized stockings can be used, with some effect on the ease of loading.  Users with larger calf sizes can also use StockEZEon.  The stocking is applied to the highest point possible, then pulled up manually.  Removal of stockings is not affected by calf size.


What type of stockings can be used?

StockEZEon can be used for a wide range of stockings, in a range of compression ratings.  Higher compression rated stockings are more challenging to apply and remove.

Knee high stockings are fully deposited on the leg below the knee using StockEZEon.

Thigh high stockings can also be used, with the user depositing the above knee portion at the knee level (by repeated short up/down movements of StockEZEon) and manually pulling the stocking over the knees.


What is the best way to load the stocking onto StockEZEon?

Firstly, see the 'Instruction Videos' section of this website.

  1. Size the device to your calf, using the adjustment knob.  This makes StockEZEon as small as possible for your leg size.
  2. Make sure the stocking is the correct size for your leg.
  3. Using rubber gloves makes gripping the stocking easier.
  4. Commence loading the stocking by lowering the stocking into StockEZEon, heel towards the rear.
  5. Engage the top of the stocking under the rear top rim, and move the stocking forward and then down over the adjustment knob.
  6. Use 4 fingers and your palm to grip the stocking at the top of the side slots.
  7. Continue until the heel is adjacent to the rear of the top rim.


Can StockEZEon be used on legs and arms for circular bandages?

Yes.  For legs, use as for stockings.  For arm sleeve applications, remove the handles and use as for stockings.


Is StockEZEon guaranteed to work for me?

StockEZEon has been designed to make the application and removal of compression stockings as easy as possible.  There will be some patients who do not have the physical ability to manage compression stockings independently.  Be sure to consider the alternate "load-and-apply" method in the 'Instruction Videos'.

If you still feel you cannot manage by yourself, ask for assistance.  DO NOT USE if you believe the physical requirements will be too demanding.

See Terms of Use and Product Disclaimer.


How do I clean StockEZEon?

  1. Remove the handles from the device.  Remove the side clamp pads.
  2. Immerse plastic body and the side clamp pads in a disinfectant solution.
  3. Wipe metal handle and hand grips with a disinfectant soaked cloth.


Will StockEZEon damage my stockings?

StockEZEon has been independently tested through 8 x 10 load/unload/wash cycles, and no damage was caused to the stocking.  Compression remained within 2% of the stocking compression rating.

You are far more likely to damage your stocking by attempting to apply and remove your stocking with your hands.

StockEZEon accepts no responsibility for any damage you may cause to your stocking using StockEZEon.  (See Terms of Use and Product Disclaimer).


What are some of the conditions where compression therapy may be prescribed?

There are a range of lower limb diseases where medically-prescribed compression therapy may be part of the treatment regime: These include:

  • Chronic Venous Leg Ulcers
  • Varicose Vein Treatments
  • Lymphoedema
  • Diabetes
  • Oedema
  • Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT)

StockEZEon will enable many patients to self-manage the compression therapies prescribed in treatment of these conditions.