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  • StockEZEon
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Instruction Videos

Assembling StockEZEon

1.  Engage the left and right sides by interlocking the hinges
2.  Engage the front of the body by passing the rear clamp through the horizontal slot.
3.  Ensure the rear clamp is in the vertical position.  With handle side clamps facing inwards, insert the handles into the base on each side until the handle 'clicks' into place.

Loading a stocking onto StockEZEon

(Note: Wearing rubber gloves will assist you with loading your stocking)
1.  Size the body of StockEZEon to your calf circumference and lock with the front knob
2.  Find a stable surface which is suitable for easy loading of the stocking.  A table below waist height where your hands just reach the top rim of StockEZEon is ideal.
3.  With the rear hinge facing you, lower the stocking into the top of StockEZEon, heel to rear
4.  Engage the top of the stocking with the rear top rim of StockEZEon
5.  Push the stocking forwards then down over the outside of the body
6. Grasp the stocking on each side of the rim using four fingers and palm, and urge the stocking onto the body.  Continue until the heel appears on the rear top rim. 

Apply and remove the stocking

1.  Lift the handles to the 'ready' position
2.  Apply pressure to the loaded stocking with the handle side clamps
3.  Position your foot into the stocking until your toes and heel are in place
4.  Release the side clamps and pull StockEZEon up your leg.  The stocking will release onto your leg.  For full length stockings, release the top portion of the stocking at your knee with repeated up/down movement of StockEZEon
1.  Place your foot into StockEZEon, with the handles in the 'away' position
2.  Turn down the top of the stocking onto StockEZEon
3.  Lift and extend the handles one at a time by pushing the buttons in the grip
4.  Apply the side clamps to hold the stocking
5.  Push StockEZEon away from your leg whilst also withdrawing your foot from the stocking until you stocking comes off

StockEZEon alternate method of loading and applying

1.  The alternate method has been designed for those not sufficiently strong enough to load a stocking onto StockEZEon
2.  Lock StockEZEon at the smallest size to enable easy loading of the stocking
3.  Then release the locking knob before applying the stocking
4.  As you pull StockEZEon up your leg it will expand to the size of your calf