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  • StockEZEon
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"This is the first device I have found that can actually take my stockings off, as well as put them on.

I am no longer a burden on my family, my neighbours, nor do I need nursing assistance.  It changes your whole lifestyle; you can get out and about and know you are not relying on anybody.  I can take it with me; it folds up quite neatly."

Judy, Retired Nurse, Brisbane Australia


"StockEZEon is an innovative new device that has the potential to greatly improve concordance with compression hosiery.  There is no other device currently available that has the ability to assist patients with independent application and removal of compression hosiery.  I have had numerous patients trial this device with significant mobility deficits due to the effects of rheumatoid arthritis and they have been able to use this device with great success.

Improving a persons' independence has a huge impact on quality of life - not having to wait at home for a community nursing service to assist with application and removal of compression hosiery or rely on a family member or friend to do this for them means that they can go out and enjoy social activities more easily.

The most important benefit of this device for me as a clinician is that it removes the major barriers to patients being able to wear their compression hosiery.  If patients are able to wear their compression hosiery they reduce the risk of leg ulcer recurrence."

Michelle Gibb, Queensland Nurse Practitioner Wound Management


"This device is amazing.  Getting our patients to use their compression stockings after vascular surgery has been a major issue in post operative treatment."

Cathy, Vascular Nurse Clinician, Sydney


Your product is certainly unique in the field of providing patients a method of self application as well as self removal of compression hosiery. It is demonstrably simple to use and will benefit all patients. By far the StockEZEon device is the best device I have seen for the application and removal of compression hosiery, especially for those with limited mobility.  There are obvious benefits for improved patient outcomes and likely savings in nurse time, effort and therefore labour costs from using the StockEZEon device."

Cheryl, Wound Management Clinical Nurse Clinician, Gold Coast


“This will save us so much time for our home visits to put on then later take off compression stockings. Many of our patients will be able to self manage their compression therapy.”

Sandra, Community Health Nurse, Melbourne